Forest Studio Blog October 2016

A Forest

Well, what a period of time this has been. I have pushed hard for my independence in more ways than I ever imagined I would have to. I have learn't so much, mostly from my mistakes but also from a tireless will to absorb knowledge about my craft. While taking back all of the responsibility for one aspect of my business I let go of the responsibility for the other side.....without a doubt, the most important. Not out of disrespect but most likely time management.

Sprinkled with Golddust

My previous studio location prior to working out of Soundbyte was my home studio in Railway Road in Subiaco. Many clients watched my kids grow around them as I also watched them (my clients) grow as well. A simple set up, that flourished and gave me the opportunity to work with some amazingly talented artists......up and comers, dreamers, professionals and overall passionate people that had a will to create. A lot of them would call me Goldy, Golddust, GDC, GD or just Andrew.  I think even Goldfinger was out there as well....but my nicknames pale in comparison to some of their stage/artist names, so good!  This is what Forest Studio has been built the (gold) dust from the ashes, the Forest rose!  Really??. Wow.

So, to all of my loyal Golddust family, and even some from (Sonic Workshop - another story), It's time I officially said good-bye to Golddust Construction, and thank you all for your support over the years.

Now though, I welcome you all to Forest Studio. From here, we take it to a new level!

R.I.P. G.D.C.



 Awesome logo from  Ramon Cliquet

Awesome logo from Ramon Cliquet